Who is Bloggers’ Favorite Things?

Bloggers’ Favorite Things is an original blog created by me, Jason Giles.

As a Subscriber you will meet every blogger we feature from now on! You will be in the know and in the community. Plus, there is a whole lot more that I have in mind for our future.

If you’ve ever been inside a Costco super store, then you’ve probably realized that basically every human being wants the same stuff. It’s true. All of us pretty much want the same things. We also want and need the same psychological rewards. We all want to connect, to be understood, and to be loved for who we are authentically.

Bloggers’ Favorite Things is dedicated to bringing the best bloggers, podcasters, and online entrepreneurs to you. Because, we think (and hope) everyone will be a blogger one day. We are here to promote and celebrate that idea, and help as many as possible attain that goal.

I am Jason Lewis Giles and I am excited to have this blog and look forward to building it for years to come. I hope to help you build yours, too.

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